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Social Insurance Number (S.I.N)

Applying for Social Insurance Number is mandatory for newcomers to Canada. It is needed to open a bank account or to apply for work.

Where to go:

Toronto Scarborough Service Canada Centre

200 Town Centre Crt.
Toronto M1P 4X9
ontario.inquiry@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.caWhat to do:

    In person, you need to complete the S.I.N. application form. Bring photo ID.

What to bring:

    You need to bring your Immigration ID Document. Refugee claimants need to have a work permit before they can receive a SIN. Therefore, it is very important that a work permit is applied for as soon as possible. No appointment is necessary. The claimant will then receive his/her SIN card 6 weeks later by mail.

Work Permit

Applying for a work permit is called Application to Change Terms and Conditions or Extend Stay in Canada. The
application form is available from a CIC office or call 1-888-242-2100 or visit the website here

Important Notes:

  • You use one form per family. Before you mail it, make sure your immigration medical has been completed, passed, and stamped received on your file
  • You have been issued your eligibility documents
  • A copy of your personal information form (PIF) is required. It is essential to submit the PIF within 28 days (counting all weekends and holidays). There are no extensions.

Mailing Address:

    • Citizenship and Immigration – Work Permit
    • Case Processing Centre, Unit 777
    • Vegreville, AB
    T9C 1X6


When you start to work, you are required to report your income to Welfare and Legal Aid. The potential consequence of not reporting is to be charged with fraud (a very serious offence) and/or denied further assistance.